• Common Questions

    I've never heard of Gems Forever

    We're not surprised! Gems Forever was started in the summer of 2016 by a small group of animal lovers who have been involved in rescue in the Cedar Rapids community for nearly 10 years.

    Where are you located?

    We are right here in Cedar Rapids! We have cats available every day for adoption at the PetSmart on the South West side of Cedar Rapids. We don't have a "shelter" but we do have an amazing group of volunteers that care for our animals in their own homes.

    Where do you get your funding?

    Gems Forever is a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit organization. We rely solely on donations from people just like you.

    Where does my donation go?

    Gems Forever's founders decided from the very beginning that every single penny donated would go to the animals and ONLY the animals. We guarantee that not a single penny of your donation or purchase will go to pay for t-shirts, supplies, websites, software, travel, etc.

    Every penny of every donation and sale goes to Food, Vaccinations, Medicine and Veterinary care for the animals.